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More than 50,000 refugees are trapped in Greece and live in precarious conditions. Since at the moment they cannot leave Greece, projects are needed to facilitate their return to an active life.

The ACSAR Foundation, in the framework of the UNINTEGRA project, offers:

  • Accompaniment
  • Empowerment
  • Activation

By means of technical and supportive cooperation stays, we provide emotional support.

By providing recreational, cultural, sports and training activities in the reception centers we improve the quality of life refugees experience, the restructuring of their daily lives and the relationship with their new environment.

The stays have a minimum duration of one month.

The activities are carried out in Greece, within the framework of the UNINTEGRA European Project in partnership with the University of Athens and Local Councils and local NGOs. The Project is supported by the European Commission and the Catalan Fund for Cooperation.

They are carried out in multidisciplinary teams formed by participants selected by the ACSAR Foundation and aim to provide direct support to refugees in their daily lives.

The working language is Catalan and English.

They take place in urban or rural settings, supporting refugees located in apartments, refugee centers or camps managed by local NGOs or the public administrations associated with the ACSAR Foundation.


  • Training, relational and support activities for integration
  • Computer classes
  • English courses
  • Labor empowerment (Carrying out CVs, motivation letters, preparation for job interviews …).
  • Support for entrepreneurship and self-employment
  • Group activities abroad (visits to museums, excursions, outings to parks, beach …)
  • Film and movie theater sessions
  • Kindergarten and storytelling
  • Work with artistic disciplines (crafts, theater, music …)
  • Support for people with disabilities
  • Physical and sports activities (yoga, crossfit, hockey …)
  • Organization of celebrations and promotion of meeting spaces
  • Recovery and improvement of spaces and infrastructures

The work on the ground of the teams of participants of ACSAR, besides the activities of support, empowerment and activation, includes sessions of coordination and management.


The ACSAR Foundation:

  • Select participants
  • It offers the right training to work with refugees
  • Provides logistics and manages field management
  • Tutoring in the case of students in practice
  • Supervision and support to the work of the groups
  • Accommodation management on the ground
  • Certification of the practical learning acquired

The ACSAR Foundation does NOT manage or assume costs of:

  • Travel and transport to the place of activity in Greece
  • Local transport
  • Accommodation and maintenance
  • Insurances


  • Have motivation to work with refugees, offering a support service in the tasks assigned
  • The stays are at minimum a month and at maximum three months
  • Be of legal age
  • Have good health and mobility in order to work in precarious conditions
  • Operational level of English. It will be valued to have knowledge of French, Arabic, and / or Farsi
  • CV updated with a photograph
  • Motivational letter


If you are interested in volunteering, please send a CV and a letter of motivation to

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