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UNINTEGRA organizes two international conferences together with the University of Athens (NKUA), one focused on social integration, and the other on entrepreneurship, participation and access to the labor market.

The conferences main objective is to bring together academics, professionals, and volunteers from government agencies and independent NGOs to share and exchange the best practices and experiences that have proven results in regard to the support for refugees at the social and economic level. They will focus on accompanying strategies, personal support, empowerment, social inclusion, social integration, entrepreneurship and participation.

The Conferences also have the objective of coming to agreements and establishing common protocols for intervention and management of projects for refugees to support their social inclusion and their integration, participation and access to the labor market

International Conference: Social attention and diversity for personal empowerment and social inclusion:

This conference is aimed at dealing with accompanying strategies, personal support, empowerment, social inclusion and social integration, with the participation of professionals in the field in relation to social inclusion and social services (childhood and family, issues of gender, sexuality, LGBT community and social services planning) It will also address the approach of functional diversity (Occupational Therapy and Disability)

International Conference: Labor insertion and social participation:

This conference deals with issues of labor insertion, participation and entrepreneurship. It will have experts in the world of activation and labor integration and entrepreneurship as well as professionals from the world of associations, volunteering, tutoring, and also management and planning.

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