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Unintegra Project

UNINTEGRA is a European project developed by the ACSAR Foundation, together with msocial, which operates within the framework of a consortium made up of Universities. UNINTEGRA aims to facilitate the social inclusion of refugees displaced by war. It has the support of the European Commission, through the AMIF fund, and the Catalan Fund for Cooperation.

The ACSAR Foundation directs and coordinates the activities in Greece together with the University of Athens (NKUA) and with the external evaluation of the University of Vic. The project is supported by UNHCR, and is developed in partnership with Greek entities such as the Greek Forum of Migrants (GFM), Solidarity Now, Praksis and many others.

UNINTEGRA unfolds in Greece in four major activity areas:

  • International Conferences: Two high-level International Conferences analyze and identify the best practices and projects that have been successful in aiding the social inclusion of refugees.
  • Workshops: Up to 10 training workshops and technical cooperation are offered to professionals and volunteers who do daily work with refugees, in order to improve their technical competence.
  • Stays: The project organizes stays of between one month and three months in length to facilitate support and direct attention to the refugees. There are three main objectives: Accompaniment, Empowerment and Activation.
  • App4Refs: An innovative mobile application aimed at providing refugees with access to services, activities and information about everything they need

In Catalonia, UNINTEGRA organizes information and awareness-raising activities and training on the situation and circumstances that refugees experience, the progress of the project and the right to asylum and refuge.