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Open registrations for the Intercultural Mediation Workshop

Within the framework of the Unintegra Project, together with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, an Intercultural Mediation workshop of 15 hours has been organized, distributed in 3 sessions (5 hours each): on October 27, the 3 November and 10 November. The workshop provides a comprehensive training of the theory [...]

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New team in Serres

This weekend, a new Xeflis-UNINTEGRA team has been added to Serres to support Lifting Hands International in the activities of psycho-social character with children, young people and women with diabetes. The Serres field is the only one exclusively inhabited by people in this community. It is currently at the limit of [...]

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Creating community through sharing meals

This weekend we celebrated cultural diversity by cooking and filling the stomachs of young refugees and teenagers residing in the centers managed by the Greek NGO PRAKSIS. The activity has allowed volunteers and young people of different origins to share in the culinary delights of each place. Pakistani pakora, afghan rice, [...]

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Thanks to our September team!

September has given us great moments and beautiful images of the Unintegra Project. This month we have started longer-terms with students from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Faculties of Education, Pedagogy, Psychology and Policies. We also have volunteers from the University of Girona, Public Relations and Social Work. We have volunteers [...]

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Training with Humanity Crew

Today, Humanity Crew trainer Yara conducted an exceptionally useful and interesting workshop on how to deal with emotions, maintain boundaries, and stay mentally healthy when working with refugees. And more importantly: how to bring healthy support without harming due to naive actions.

Training with Humanity Crew 2018-10-02T14:25:11+00:00

We expand the Project!

This Week, the Unintegra Project is expanded with activities in the Eleonas Refugee Camp, where more than 1,500 people live in containers. Our interns and volunteers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Universitat de Girona will work with Project Elea for three months. Good stay and good results!

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The rain does not stop us

A little bit of rain really doesn't matter if volunteers and youngsters of the Unintegra Project can enjoy a whole sports center to play basketball, football and show off their athleticism!

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English for beginners

ACSAR offers English classes to refugees to help them improve and grow.

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Saturdays, excursion

On Saturdays we usually go out with the guys that are hosted by Praksis. So far we have gone up to the Lycabettus mountain and have made three exits on the beach. After the bath, it's time to share lunch and relax, play domino, chess or sing. There is always someone [...]

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