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Fundació ACSAR

Fundació ACSAR

The ACSAR Foundation was established in March 2005. It aims to enhance the experience and pioneering path of the ACSAR Association, which has been an active member in ​​asylum and refuge aid in Catalonia and Spain since the 1970s.


The Foundation exists to help transform approaches to asylum and refuge and to direct valuable support in knowledge and learning in order to contribute to the reflection and debate on the phenomena of international mobility, diversity, and social cohesion. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the construction of a plural and diverse society while promoting the equality of citizenship rights.


So far, activity carried out by the ACSAR Foundation is aligned with the objectives of: studying the phenomenon of immigration in Catalonia and Spain in a European and international framework, raising awareness of a multicultural society by encouraging discussions that facilitate knowledge and mutual respect among different groups, disseminating the concept of asylum and respect, supporting the collective initiatives of neighborhoods and villages in order to foster social cohesion and cultural exchange, and offering training workshops aimed at the local public administration, individuals, and other professionals teaching tolerant management of the social reality that is the result of migration.


In 2012, the ACSAR Foundation began a renewed momentum for a context of multidimensional crisis that needed to reaffirm and strengthen the mission of contributing to the construction of a plural and diverse society with equal rights, and to expand the development of opportunities to meet the basic needs and the strategic interests of the citizens, while reinforcing the aspects of the duties and responsibilities necessary for democratic coexistence. It is in this environment that the thinking and analysis of new public policies that favor the processes of human mobility and social cohesion become more necessary than ever.


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