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1907, 2018

Hands on Work!

Today, volunteers and refugees came together to pain the apartment block common garage in Athens, Greece. This apartment block and its amenities are brought to about 90 members of the refugee community by Solidarity Now. The goal of these renovations is to create a community space in which refugees can [...]

1807, 2018

Language Lessons

The July UNINTEGRA Team and ACSAR volunteers started English and German lessons with refugees. The lessons served children and teenagers from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran now living in Greece. These adolescents are currently asylum seekers living in PRAKSIS accommodation centers in Athens, Greece. This will better their understanding of European [...]

1407, 2018

Kick-Off Meeting

Today was the kid-off meeting of a new project sponsored by Fundació ACSAR for LGBT Refugees in Greece. With the help of our partner Solidarity Now and the support of Ajuntament de Barcelona, this meeting was a big success. This meeting aimed to provide support for one of the most vulnerable refugee [...]

1207, 2018

Fun for All!

With snacks for all including fruit, cookies, juices and everything else you would need, we presented the refugee children and adults with festivities. On Wednesday, Project UNINTEGRA brought the first round of festivities to refugee families (90 people) living in flats in Athens. These festivities were also brought to refugees [...]

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